HTML5 Web App Dev. by J.M. Gustafson

The book has the title HTML5 Web Application Development By Example - Beginner's Guide and it is exactly what it states. The book covers the main HTML5 elements and the new APIs in HTML5 by developing (along with the reader) simple and interesting applications. jQuery is the only helper library which the author uses to develop these apps. First a Task Management application is developed with... [More]

HTML5 - localStorage wrapper

With the new HTML5 reference there is an API defined for managing a so called Web Storage, which is broken down into two main parts, sessionStorage and localStorage. I will not cover sessionStorage now. The only difference between sessionStorage and localStorage is, that data from sessionStorage will go away when the browser is closed, while the data in the localStorage remains even after the brow... [More]

Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET - O'Reilly

I think this book starts from the basics. It explains what is the purpose of an API, it explains how should an API be constructed, created and implemented. The book presents the known methods for building a web api. It is explained why apis  which communicate through HTTP should be more widely used then the ones based on SOAP or REST or other protocols. The firs half of the book really expla... [More]

Kendo UI Grid by James R. Lamar

I've volunteered to write a review for this book, so I got a copy from Packt Publishing. I have to admit I have never read a book from Pack Publishing before and I'm happy this was the first book which I have from them and I’m sure it is not the last one :) I was very curious about the book, its content, its structure, because I have experience with Kendo UI toolkit and I've used it in seve... [More]

HTML5 Pocket Reference by Jennifer Robbins - O'Reilly

Jennifer is one of the first webdesigners , she is designing webpages since 1993. She is the author of the widely known Learning Web Design book series. She has written numerous books and pocket references about HTML and XHTML. Her first pocket reference was written in 1999, the second was released in 2002 and these continuously received updates in 2006 and 2009. The newest of these(5th edition) h... [More]

RaspberryPi Cookbook by Simon Monk - O'Reilly

 I recently joined the O'Reilly's blogger review program. If you don't know what is that, you can read more about it here. I was accepted by the O'Reilly publisher to become member of their blogger review program and I could select from different books which I would read and review afterwards. For the first time, I selected the RaspberryPi Cookbook, written by Simon Monk. Simon Mon... [More]

ReWork, a book by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

I read about this book (ReWork) on the personal MBA website and I thought, lets give it a try, maybe this book contains some useful information for me, you know, there is always a place to learn and you can always do things better, you can always improve. So, I bought the book, at first glance I taught it is a long book and will take me a couple of days or 2-3 weeks to read. The book has around 2... [More]

Linux's [wc] command cloned with node.js

CodeProject I continued the implementation of linux commands with the help of node.js. This time I've choosen the wc command. You can see the code below, it is a really small program. It does not have all the features which the original command has, it can do 3 basic things: counting the newlines, counting the words and counting the characters from a given file.  There is a method which I... [More]

Linux's [yes] command cloned with node.js

CodeProject I started learning Node.js, I consider this platform will be a widely used one and will have a great success in the near future. I know, many start-ups and larger companies have products based on Node.js but it is not as widespread between back-end  technologies as .NET or Java is.  I thought, for fun, I will implement some of the most used linux shell commands. I started w... [More]

What programming language should you learn?

I read an interesting thread on CodeProject, one of the members was asking which language should he learn, PHP or Ruby? I think this is an interesting question from a more mature developer point of view. Most of the developers are familiar with at least 3-5 programming/scripting languages, but I think nowadays there is a bigger need to know as much as you can. In the older days of computer progra... [More]

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